Framed vs Rolled Kits

The primary difference between rolled paint by number kits and framed paint by number kits lies in the way the canvas is presented to the painter.

Rolled paint by number kits typically come with a canvas that has the design printed on it and is rolled up for shipping and storage. These kits do not include a pre-stretched or mounted frame. The painter must purchase a separate frame or stretcher bars to mount the canvas and create a frame. This option provides more flexibility in terms of frame size and style, allowing the painter to customize their finished piece's appearance. However, it requires more work and skill to stretch the canvas correctly and mount it properly in the frame.

In contrast, framed paint by number kits come with the canvas already mounted or stretched on a wooden frame. The canvas is usually stapled or glued to the frame, creating a sturdy surface for painting. This option provides convenience and ease of use, as the painter does not have to worry about purchasing or mounting the canvas. However, the frame size and style are predetermined, and the painter must be careful not to damage the pre-mounted canvas during the painting process.

In summary, rolled paint by number kits offer more flexibility in terms of frame customization, while framed paint by number kits offer convenience and ease of use. Both options provide a fun and accessible way for painters of all skill levels to create beautiful artwork.


Rolled kits


rolled paint by numbers kit

Rolled kits finished (in a glass picture frame)


Framed kits



Framed kit finished (in a floating timber display frame):