Gift giving guide for young creative Women!

Want to give your friend something unique that they definitely wont already have? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ve made a list of things we think anyone, could love. There are a few things in here that are good hobby starters (by this we mean, you’re not only giving a gift, but potentially a new hobby!)

So, whether you’re buying someone you don’t know well a Christmas present, or you’re unsure what to get your mum for Mother’s Day, we have you covered!

1. Puzzle from Positive Piece Puzzles

Positive Piece Puzzles

You can grab yourself one of these gorgeous puzzles for just $59! Each puzzle is deigned by a different artist, and let me tell you, they are all so stunning. These puzzles are made from 100% recycled paper, and come with a gorgeous canvas pouch that you can reuse after you’re done. You can buy them here.

2. Frank Green reusable Drink Bottle.

Frank Green Drink bottle pastel pink

Also coming it at $59.95, are these cute as drink bottles. I am personally attached at the hip to mine (I have actually been banned from bringing it out to breakfast with me). You can customise the colour on these and also get monogramming on it for a cute personalised touch. These are honestly so great at keeping your water cold even on those really hot days! You can buy it here

3. Stitched up Kits DIY embroidery kit

Embroidery Kit

How cute is a DIY embroidery kit? Stitched up kits is a relatively new Australian business selling these contemporary embroidery kits. They come with everything you need to create an embroidered masterpiece! They are $40 and you can buy them here

4. By Charlotte Zodiac Necklace 

Zodiac Necklace

These Zodiac necklaces are a great for someone you want to give something a little more personalised too. It is a perfect thoughtful, and also beautiful git. By Charlotte have a variety of birth stones as well that you can also add onto the chain if you want to take it to the next level! The necklaces start at $189 and you can buy them here

5. Paint by Numbers Kit from Paint Like Frida

Paint by Numbers kit

A Paint by Numbers kit! The perfect at home activity when you need to unwind. (They are also great at Christmas parties and girls nights!) These kits come with everything you need to create and at home masterpiece. They start at $40 and you can buy them here

6. Skin Care started kit from Go-To skin care. 

Skin care

My long time favourite skin care brand GO-TO has some great Christmas bundles! We love this skincare because it is super simple and suitable for all skin types. It’s the perfect brand to start your skincare journey with. This little starter pack is $76, but they have heaps of other products coming in at a much lower price point also. You can purchase it here.

7. Kindle


Kindles are THE BEST for anyone that loves reading/ just getting into reading. We always thought we would miss the smell and feel of a real book, but let me tell you that the benefits of a kindle outweigh that! We love that you can get any book you want instantly, and that if you’re reading in public, no one knows what you’re reading! (Yes you can read Twilight for the 100th time and tell everyone you’re reading something very high brow instead). The battery life is amazing on them, no bad words. They start at $89 and you can buy one here.

8. The Clay Co DIY Pottery Kit

Clay Kit

These clay kits are a super adorable at home activity you can do with anyone, any age! They come with heaps of clay and all the tools you need to create an at home masterpiece. They come it at $119.95 and you can also buy extra clay from them to top up your kit! You can buy them here.


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